If you have questions about your new coupon box, hopefully these will help.

What about expired coupons?

When you clip your coupons, make sure you place the new coupons behind all your old coupon in each file. This is similar to rotating your food, you will rotate your coupons. That way, all your expired coupons are in the front of each file.

At the beginning of each month, you should clean out your box. It will only take you about 15 minutes to completely go through your box to clean it of the expired coupons.

How do I label the files?

You can easily write on each tab with a pen. It is that simple! Plus, a pen is included with your purchase.

What categories should I use?

You can pick what works best for you, but you can go here and read the categories that I suggest.

I do suggest the you file your categories alphabetically. It makes it much easier to find your coupons fast.

Can I get extra files?

Sure! After you have purchased a box, you can send a note through the contact form.

Do I take my new box in the store with me?

I suggest taking your box with in the store so you never miss a deal. Don’t worry though, it fits perfectly in your cart!

Is it too bulky to carry with me?

No. Because the box comes with a shopping bag, you can easily fit your box inside and carry it with you. Your new box will fit in almost any reusable shopping bag.

Is it heavy?

Unlike many coupon organizers, the My Coupon Closet is not bulky or heavy. My favorite feature is that it is very lightweight.

How long will shipping take?

Your new box will be shipped via priority mail. Shipping in general is usually fast, but allow 10 days for your box to arrive.