Here is my personal Category list that I use for my coupon box. They are all in alphabetical order, so I can find them quicker.

White Envelopes (This is your primary way to organize your coupons):

Baking – Boxed
Baking – Cold
Baking – Ingredients
Boxed Dinners
Bread items (I include tortillas and bagels here too)
Canned – Fruit
Canned -Meat (ex… Tuna, pouches, etc)
Canned – Soup
Canned  РVegetables and Salsas
Cereal -General Mills
Cereal – Kellogg’s
Cereal – Other
Cleaners – All purpose
Cleaners – Bathroom
Cleaners – Dishes
Dairy – Butter & Milk
Dairy – Cheese
Dairy -Yogurt
First Aide
Fresheners – Airwick
Fresheners -Febreeze
Fresheners – Glade
Frozen -Ice Cream & Treats
Frozen – Meats
Frozen – Pizza & Meals
Frozen – Vegetables & Fruits
Laundry – Soap
Laundry -Softeners and Dryer Sheets
Laundry -Stain
Meat -Deli
Meat- Other
Mouth – Floss
Mouth – Rinse & Whitening
Mouth -Toothbrush
Mouth – Toothpaste
Paper Products
Pets -Cat
Pets -Dog
Salad Dressing
Sauces and Seasonings
Snacks- Bars
Snacks – Chips
Snacks – Crackers
Snacks -Treats
Snacks – Other
Skin – Deodorant
Skin – Face Creams & Cleansers
Skin – Lotion
Skin -Make-Up
Skin – Shaving
Skin – Soap

Green Envelopes:

You will need to save one for your “Check out Envelope”
The remaining green envelopes are for your Stores. Use these envelopes to store your in-store coupons and the coupons you know you will use at that store.


My method of labeling my tabs may see quite odd to you, but it all makes complete sense to me. For example, I have a category called “skin”. I then have sub-categories, for deodorant, make-up, soap, etc…¬† These are things that are used on the skin. From my experience, all of these items are placed together in the coupon inserts. By having all these items also organized together in my box, it saves time on my clipping and organizing.

Remember, these are just suggestions, but hopefully they will get your brain thinking so you can create your perfect Coupon Closet!