My Coupon Closet is the newest and easiest way to organize your coupons. No need for expensive and bulky binders with this coupon box. Everything you need comes in your coupon box, ready for you to create YOUR Coupon Closet.

Reusable Shopping Bag

Each box comes with a reusable shopping bag (random color). The box fits perfectly in the bag, so now you can easily carry your box anywhere. It is a very lightweight organizer that fits perfectly in your shopping cart. Looking for coupons while shopping is now a breeze.

Plastic Box with Snap on Lid

Because we use a sturdy plastic shoe box, you will never have to worry about your new organizer falling apart. A snap-on lid insures that your coupons will stay in place.

A pen and scissors

Each box comes with a pair of scissors and a pen. You need scissors in your box, so you will always be ready to clip coupons. If you are out shopping, you may find in-store coupons in a flyer that you need to use now. Because you have your scissors ready, you are ready to instantly use that coupon! We include a pen, so you are actively keeping track of your budget and making off your check list. Head on over to the Coupon Closet blog to learn more about shopping lists and budgets.

Sturdy Envelopes

Our envelopes are not your average envelopes. These little files are specially made for this coupon box. They are sturdy and made to last. They have the perfect tabs, for you write your own categories on. You can completely customize your new box!

60 White Envelopes

60 envelopes are used to create individual categories for your new coupon box. If you are a beginner, we suggest you start with just 30 categories and then build up to 60 the longer you coupon. You can see my category suggestions here.

5 Green Envelopes

The Green envelopes are used to separate your stores. These are perfect for individual store coupons, and to place the coupons you plan to use at each of those stores.


Added into the coupon box, is a small separator. This divider is a small basket that is placed inside your coupon box. It keeps all your envelopes lined up properly and holds your pen and scissors. I also like to place a calculator and my cell phone in this basket while I am shopping. 🙂


Everything you need to get started is included. Go here to purchase your box today!